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Introducing international Shahr-e-aftab Exhibition in Tehran

Shahr-e-aftab international exhibition collection is the massivest exhibition project of country with the purpose of creating world trade center of IRAN in various parts. according to the heavy traffic trouble in the passages around the city-wide exhibitions the Islamic city council of TEHRAN in 2005 with the  goal of integration of exhibition services in a perfectly specialized and up to date environment, authorized the TEHRAN municlpality with  a resolution for preparation of construction plan. After the first reaserch , project land located in an area  of over 138 acres on the Persian Gulf high- way at a location with appropriate access (taxi, bus ,van ,subway) and the design of 2008. After the project approval process and financial insurance, construction contractor began construction operations from 2011 and the phase on of this at the same collection is put into operation time with the opening of the 29th TEHRAN international

in the first phase , the following spaces are ready for operation , that  all in next phases :

۱٫ Indoor exhibition space consists of 25 thousand square meters.

۲٫ In the next phases outdoor exhibition space(tent) about 28thousand square meters will be replaced with indoor exhibition halls.

۳٫ Nation hall with input user , exhibition manager and commercial offices with an area about75 thousand square meters.

۴٫ Office space with an area of 4000 square meters on the second floor .

۵٫ Service side buildings(restaurant,coffee shop,store,..)each 2 thousand square meters.

In the next phases ,the project for the construction of the following collections is envisaged :

۱٫ ۳۴ thousand square meters office space.

۲٫ ۳۲ thousand square meters building conferences .

۳٫ ۲ international business complexes with corporate offices , shops , office space and parking Spaces

 each 75 thousand square meters .

۴٫ ۲ five star hotels and hotel appartment about 160 thousand square meters .

۵٫ Welfare and services spaces as 8 side buildings each about 2 thousand square meters..

۶٫ The large mosque .

۷٫ Multi story parking lot with capacity of 7500 cars

Exhibition services:

۱- Bank service of exhibition: 8 automatic branch of bank Shahr bank -40 ATM and some non-cash service devices.

۲- Parking lot:exhibition parking lots with Imam Khomeini shrine auxiliary parking have capacity of 11000 personal cars as well as 300 vans,taxi and 150 buses.

۳٫ Green belt; the Shahr-e-aftab international faire has a green belt about 40 acres which prepares peaceful and pleasant space for citizens to use,and families can enjoy their moments in a happy and fun atomosphere with their childern.

Currently ,the exhibition has the capacity of 400 thousand visitors.