Introducing IIREX
Iran International Robotics Exhibitions

If you are looking for innovative new products and new robotics technologies ,looking to invest in a wide robotics market, this massive event can be the answer to all your needs.

In IIREX 2019, you can access range of products in a variety of fields such as industrial, research, flight, agriculture, medicine and education. This event is not just an exhibition, but a solid structure for communication between applicants and suppliers of products and technology.


The goals of holding the IIREX 2019 are the most important reasons for your participation in the event.

Organizing an exhibition for displaying products, technologies and tools for robotics, holding conferences and scientific seminars for the introduction of up-to-date scientific technologies and the implementation of professional robotics competitions are among the reasons for attracting audiences with different tastes and at different levels.


Conferences and Seminars

Holding more than 18 seminars and scientific conferences with specialized topics and demanded by the audience and with the presence of internationally well-known professors and figures.


Marketing and Contracting

Huge Marketing and Advertising Plan to bring two side of RT Markets under one roof


Organizing Professional Exhibitions

Inviting Local and International Companies and Visitors from different sectors with different targets.


Robotic Championship Events

Robotics competitions at intermediate and advanced levels to encourage enthusiasts of robotic technologies.

Our Management Team

Planning and organizing a massive and specialized event, with all its technical, promotional, executive and specialized details, requires teamwork and requires the presence of competent and expert members in each section. We have achieved this important goal at IIREX 2019 using a young and expert team.

Our Supports at IIREX 2019